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ADD: Quyuan Road 519,Industry Area,Wukang Deqing Zhejiang China
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Idion is one of the Chinese leading manufactures specialized in health care products. Before the Company was registered in 2006, we have already had 7 years’ experience in producing coast effective medical devices meeting international standards. Since Idion starts its business, we have delivered a range of first aid kits and operation procedure trays to European clients. All of our products have met the ISO9001 and ISO13485 standards as well as CE standards. In 2009, our class 100,000 cleanroom was put into use and since then, operation procedure trays have become our most important products with the rapid growing demands especially from west countries.

Idion is located in Deqing, Zhejiang Province, which is less than 2 hours driving to Shanghai port or Ningbo port along the east coast of China. The plot is over 20,000 square meters with over 6,000 square meters of indoor space including 3,000 square meters of clean workshop and 1,000 square meters of class 100,000 cleanroom.

First aid box:

First aid box is composed of aluminum splint; sphygmomanometer; bandages and dressings; translucent one-way artificial lung oxygen bottles.Widely used in chemical industry, medical, and chemical laboratories, management and administration, metals and metallurgy industry.

Dressing kit:

Dressing ki is ready to the first aid supplies, equipment, dressings, first aid process, should be promptly and accurately to assist physicians in the rescue work. Exudate for a long time, should be ground more wet compress when dressing change, to avoid smoke filled the exudate dressing for a long stay in the wound, stimulate the surrounding normal skin, resulting in wounds to expand.

First aid dressing:

First aid dressings, is a medical tool, helping medical staff, medical personnel assistant in the career.


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